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TGY Wellness Bingo

INTRODUCING TWISTED GRIT YOGA WELLNESS BINGO! We’re buzzing with excitement about the newest way to win big at Twisted Grit…

TGY Wellness BINGO (April 2024) is a great way to challenge yourself this April – and win a few prizes along the way! Here’s how it works: 

You can win a BINGO by crossing off full lines horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Prizes increase in size after your first BINGO: 

If you cross off the entire board by April 30th, you’ll be entered to win one of several special TGY prizes – trust us, they’ll be good!

Redeem your BINGO wins by showing your card to a Twisted Team Member to get your prize.

Intention squares can be marked off right away or you can wait until you complete the intention to mark off the square.

BINGO SPACE + WELLNESS GUIDE: a breakdown of the spaces

Do 2 Classes in One Day – Take any 2 classes back to back or two in one day, workshops included

Do a Meditation/Restore Class – SLOW DOWN and take time for yourself. Just try it!

Class Times:

Wake Up Early! Try a 5:30 am Class – Try a 5:30 am class Monday-Friday OR Saturday 7 am Power. Try and make it one you haven’t taken before. Doing yoga in the morning will help jumpstart your day!

Book an Itovi Scan or Ionic Foot Bath – These are fun new therapies at TGY. To Book: You can use the app and navigate to APPOINTMENTS – ESSENTIAL OILS – and choose Itovi or Ionic – this is another great way to heal your body at TGY.

Do a TGY Quick Core

Class Times:

Do a TGY Happy Hips or Yin (if you can’t make Happy Hips)-

Happy Hips Class Times:

Bring a Friend to Class – Grab a friend who isn’t a current TGY member and enjoy a class together. (FOUNDERS MEMBERS – there were codes for FREE PASSES in your TGY 1 Year Anniversary SWAG bag!)

INTENTION: GO OUTSIDE – If you can spend at least 10 minutes outside 5 out of 7 days of the week for April, you can mark this one off! Honor system. Outside is FREE, and outside is good.

Review us on Google/Follow us on Social Media – We need your help to show the all-powerful Google that we’re kind of a big deal. So, if you could spare a few moments to share your thoughts about our massage, reiki, classes, the space, and our amazing teachers, we would be eternally grateful. Plus, if you haven’t already, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and spread the word to your friends. And if you’re feeling extra generous, give us some love by sharing, commenting, and liking our posts. Your support means the world to us, and it helps us take over the world, one yogi at a time!

Turn On Your WL Notifications and Download Our NEW App –

Try TGY Flight Club – This class is fun and approachable, led by Kinga in a workshop-style format that meets you where you’re at and provides helpful tips and tricks.

Try a New Instructor – Book a class led by an instructor you haven’t learned from before at TGY. Every instructor has something special to offer. And remember, trying subs counts too! Get outside your comfort zone!

INTENTION: CUT OUT SUGAR – Another intention spot. Can you cut out sugar for 2 consecutive days each week in April? Mark it off when you succeed or do all 8 days in a row. You’ll feel great!

Post Online About TGY, or Tell a Friend – It’s not just a one-time thing in April! Commenting on our posts, sharing them, and tagging friends is incredibly helpful. If you can do any of these things once a week, consider it a win! For those not on social media, we envy you! Spread the word about us to your friends at your next red-carpet event, super social lunch, or rockstar happy hour. 

Meet with Someone that Brings You Joy – We all have someone we don’t connect with enough. This month, make an effort to meet them for coffee, tea, or a chat to increase your joy!

INTENTION: Kindness – Make time for something joyful every day: walk, journal, connect, do yoga, or cook a healthy meal.

Take a Yin Class – We could all use a break. Take a moment to unwind while you dominate your Bingo board.

Book a Massage –  Our therapists are incredible! Take a break and let our team take care of you for a while. They are well-equipped for the job. Schedule a massage anytime between April 1st and April 30th for 30-120 minutes. You can easily book online! Founders, remember to use your code at checkout.

Attend a Workshop – Join us on a journey of connection and self-discovery through our important yoga workshops. We invite you to try one of our transformative sessions and experience the benefits firsthand. And to our Founders, don’t forget to use your code for a special discount. We can’t wait to see you on the mat!

Find Somewhere to Hike – Hiking is a great way to connect with nature, clear your mind, and feel more grounded. It can be a wonderful complement to your yoga practice. Explore somewhere new 2 times in April.

Try Cold Showers all Month – Cold showers can benefit physical and mental health. They boost blood flow, reduce inflammation, improve metabolism and digestion, increase mental clarity, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. Try a few minutes at the end of each shower. If you hate it, take deep breaths. It may take all month to adapt to this new therapy. Stong minds! Deep Breaths!

Journal 3x Week – Journaling: It’s like having a therapist who never judges you and is always available. Plus, it’s been scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve mental health. So, grab a pen and paper and start writing your way to a happier, healthier you! 3x week, please! We post lots of journal prompts on our social media pages.

Try Ningxia Red – Get all your fruits and vegetables in one delicious gulp with our Ningxia Red Juice! This juice is a great alternative to home juicing and can help boost your immune system while providing all the necessary vitamins for the day. Single servings are available for purchase at TGY.

Try Reiki- Book a service with Lori and use the powers we already have to harness even more healing at TGY and within. Service must be between 4/1/24 and 4/30/24 Book from the NEW APP

Some Fine Print & Extra Info: 

You can use your virtual card or print it out at home. If there’s a square you cannot possibly cross off and would like a different option, please email – we are happy to accommodate special cases, though it is highly encouraged that you play as is! We designed this board to challenge you. The game ends April 30th.

Good luck and happy BINGO-ing!