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Get to Know the HOCATT

Picture this: you’re relaxing in a cozy pod-like machine, and it’s like you’ve stepped into a spa on steroids. The HOCATT machine brings everything but the kitchen sink – hyperthermia, ozone therapy, carbonic acid therapy, infrared therapy, aromatherapy, and even a sprinkle of exercise with oxygen therapy. It’s an entire wellness party, tucked into a funky-looking chair contraption (we know it’s odd, you’ll just have to trust us when we say it’s amazing)! As Twisted Grit begins to offer HOCATT sessions, we want to make sure you know what the hype is all about. 


Feeling Fresh with Detoxification

First up, detoxification. Who doesn’t want to feel squeaky clean from the inside out? HOCATT claims to help your body flush out toxins through a combination of sweating (thanks to hyperthermia) and ozone therapy. While sweating is your body’s natural way of detoxing, some studies suggest these therapies might give the process a little boost. So, you might just leave feeling lighter and fresher.

“HOCATT helps harmonize multiple modalities into the ultimate wellness symphony. By combining 10 highly effective technologies, perfectly sequenced to activate one another, it provides integrated support for promotion of maximum health and wellness.” –

Boosting Your Immunity

Next on the list is giving your immune system a high-five. The idea is that treatments like ozone therapy might rev up your body’s defenses, making you more resistant to things like illness and germs. Some studies hint that the HOCATT’s ozone therapy technique gives your immune system an energizing pep talk. Like with most alternative therapies, more research is needed to know for sure. Unique treatments and alternative therapies are some of our favorite ways to introduce self-care and wellness to TGY members because we know how valuable they can be. We recommend trying out the HOCATT for yourself to see if you agree – your results might speak for themselves! 

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy involves the administration of ozone gas into the body. Proponents suggest that ozone therapy may have antimicrobial properties, supporting the body’s immune response against infections. It’s also believed to improve blood circulation and oxygen delivery, potentially aiding in wound healing and tissue repair. 

More About Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia, the exposure of the body to elevated temperatures, has been explored for its diverse health benefits. Through techniques like saunas and hot baths (and now, the HOCATT), hyperthermia induces sweating and increases circulation, promoting detoxification and waste removal. Additionally, it’s been studied for its potential immune-boosting effects, as elevated body temperature can enhance the activity of immune cells. Some research suggests hyperthermia may provide pain relief and muscle relaxation, contributing to overall well-being.

HOCATT Session Steps

Wondering what the HOCATT process entails? 

  1. Sit back and cozy up. The seat will adjust to suit you and the chamber doors will close, leaving your head exposed. 
  2. We’ll drape you with a neck cape to keep you comfortable and ensure maximum effectiveness of the therapies.
  3. A small tube will release pure oxygen toward your mouth and nose, boosting your oxygen saturation during your session.
  4. Steam and far infrared rays (FIR) will heat up your body throughout the machine. 
  5. CO2 will be infused throughout the session, increasing Oxygen delivery and uptake.
  6. The activated oxygen cycle begins, reacting with the steam.
  7. Any selected micro-currents will travel through the body for stimulation, and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) can be incorporated to your session.
  8. Essential oils are diffused via the HOCATT’s steam jets, further enhancing your experience through a powerful combination of oils.
  9. Full spectrum color light fills the HOCATT chamber to balance and energize you.
  10. Once your session is over, enjoy a short cool-down time before emerging from the chamber feeling lighter and brighter. 

So, there you have it – the lowdown on HOCATT and its bag of wellness tricks. While it sounds pretty cool and might offer some perks like detoxification, immune support, and maybe even a temporary slim-down, it’s best experienced first-hand. With so many therapies baked into one machine, everyone will feel the effects differently. You can visit the HOCATT website here