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Twisted Grit Yoga Foundation was created to help people serving our community heal in an unconventional and accessible way. It’s a living, breathing, growing foundation that began as a dream to help serve those serving others during a time when we’re all struggling more than ever before.  

Funds raised through our Twisted Grit Yoga Foundation will go toward a few powerful initiatives, including staff training to further support students through PTSD, addiction, burnout, depression, and other mental health struggles or trauma. 

Additionally (and what we are most excited about), we will be offering year-long, unlimited yoga scholarships for those who need them most. These will be available to the heroes already supporting our community: military and veterans, police officers, first responders, and healthcare providers. We are actively working with local yoga studios to create a partnership pass program where these scholarships can be used across the Sun Prairie/Madison and surrounding areas.

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  • Support your community by donating a yoga class to someone who needs it!
  • Good for any class at Twisted Grit
  • Your donation helps support the Twisted Grit Yoga Foundation!

We appreciate you and your consideration.

When considering causes to support, please consider Twisted Grit Yoga Foundation. Yoga is statistically proven to improve mental health, overall health, and quality of life, and decrease causes of illness and other life-threatening diseases. We are ramping up to make a significant impact in our community and would be honored to have you be a part of it all. 

Events, fundraisers, donations, and other information can be found on our website, where we will be sharing regular updates and opportunities to get involved. Peace in, and peace out!

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