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Essential Oil Therapy

Tracy Frank

I first started exploring wellness and clean living when I became a mom and wanted to give my kids a healthy start in life. I then dove in even deeper when my mom was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. Every day I learn something I wish I would have known sooner and I know there is still much more to learn. I love supporting others to find the ways they might use the power of nature to take a step towards greater health and wellness. Make an appointment with me now for an initial no cost consultation. 

I am especially interested in supporting people through emotional release and towards more healthy ways of thinking about themselves. One way that I do this is through the Aroma Freedom Technique. I was certified in this technique in 2018 and have been supporting people through memory release, goal setting, stress release and more ever since. The techniques were developed by a clinical psychologist and each technique uses essential oils to reach deep into the limbic system in the brain where our memories and mental blocks are stored.

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iTovi Scan & Consultation


Approx. 15 minutes

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iTovi is a handheld device that determines what your body may need in terms of essential oils and products.

Ionic Foot Bath Session


Approx. 30 minutes

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The Ionic Body Balancer™ provides a highly effective drug free therapy cleansing and stimulates the Lymph System allowing it to maximize T-Cell production.

Releasing Emotional Patterns Session


Approx. 30 minutes

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Clear emotional blocks and patterns through a step by step process that you can learn and continue on your own. Sessions include affirmations, body alarm points and corresponding essential oils so you can continue the process on your own.

Aroma Freedom Technique


Approx. 1 hour

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Aroma Freedom Techniques (AFT) use essential oils to work through negative emotions and thoughts at the subconscious level. AFT can be used for goal setting, memory resolution, working through grief, negative thought patterns, emotional triggers and more.

Essential Oil of the month

Every month Twisted Grit comes out with a new scent to inspire and fuel you through the season. Purchase in the studio, or click below (pick-up in the studio if purchased online, bring your receipt!).

Good Sleep Magnesium Body Spray ($18.50 +tx)

Made by Tracy from Jade Lemonaid. Spray on your belly or legs before bed. Start small and build up to 4-8 squirts per night. Magnesium spray can sting upon beginning use. This is normal, especially if you are low in magnesium. Ingredients: pure magnesium, distilled water, and the essential oils of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Roman Camomile.