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Twisted Flow (95°)

This class will help you flex into your practice and take what you need. Whether you’d like to practice full-force and challenge yourself or modify and ground yourself after a long day, you’re welcome to do so during TWISTED FLOW. In this class, we breathe, make shapes, move, sit in stillness, and practice mindfulness through a combination of balance, stabilization, core work, and meditation. Be brave and bring your laughter or your tears – we always invite you to come as you are. (95 degrees)

What to bring

“Beautiful & warm studio. I took class with Amy and she is a truly inspiring and kind teacher. I appreciated how many modifications she gave throughout class. Her class is welcoming to all level and has a unique ability nurture all levels. I highly recommend it to anyone interested. The studio was super clean & organized. They offer kids classes which is awesome! Im only visiting but I would bring my kids to the yoga class if I lived here! I’ll be back next time Im in town.” – Sarah O.

“Twisted Grit is incredible. Amy has changed my life in more ways than she will know! I always feel so grounded, and at peace when I am able to attend a yoga class. Twisted Grit studio remains a place where everyone who enters the door is met exactly as they are. There is no judgment there is not comparison and there is not expectations. I love that Amy as well as the entire studio carries that vibe into every practice. If you are looking for a studio that will meet you where you are, and not expect anything else- this is the studio for you. It will challenge you, and push you in all the right ways but never more than you can manage. It is life changing and brings in that inner peace we all deserve!” – Kayla D.