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Midday meditation & Relaxation

Here’s a class you don’t need to break a sweat or change your clothes to get that Twisted Grit GLOW!  This 40-minute class will use all kinds of modalities to help you reset, restore and revive over your lunch hour.  Plan on lots of breathing, guided relaxation, maybe some gentle movements, and at times, essential oils, massage, and other new and exciting ways to heal your body.  This class is accessible for everyone, even if you struggle with sitting still and checking in.  This is a great place to start.  Fisinsh, the second half of your day strong, ready, and willing to take on anything the day throws your way.  

What to bring

“The midday meditation class is a perfect way to relax, and reset to take on the rest of your day. I love all the classes at Twisted Grit Yoga. The instructors are awesome and bring their own unique teaching style into their classes. So, happy I am apart of this Community of health & healing.” – Nicole R.