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Grit Inferno Fusion (105°)

We’ve put a Twisted Grit spin on traditional HOT yoga. Join us for 105 degrees of intense holds and powerful poses to increase our heart rates, blood flow, stamina, endurance, flexibility, lymphatic flow, power, and patience. This class is open to all levels, and you’re always welcome to take as many breaks as you need. GRIT INFERNO FUSION features lots of holds and shorter flows, similar to a HIIT class, with bursts of hard work followed by a reflective pause. Classes will be HOT, so please be prepared to come hydrated and feeling well. (105 degrees)

What to bring

“Twisted Grit is incredible. Amy has changed my life in more ways than she will know! I always feel so grounded, and at peace when I am able to attend a yoga class. Twisted Grit studio remains a place where everyone who enters the door is met exactly as they are. There is no judgment there is not comparison and there is not expectations. I love that Amy as well as the entire studio carries that vibe into every practice. If you are looking for a studio that will meet you where you are, and not expect anything else- this is the studio for you. It will challenge you, and push you in all the right ways but never more than you can manage. It is life changing and brings in that inner peace we all deserve!” – Kayla D.

“Amy and Team are THE best! A definite staple in my healing journey!” – Tina K.