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Grit and Grace

This class offers the option of adding weights to your yoga practice.  No jumping or powerlifting, just a yoga class with the option to add weights,  Don’t be afraid!  You will love this class because it will allow you to take care of yourself in the ways that you need most whether it is stretching, strengthening, relaxing, or connecting, this class is right for you!

*PLEASE DO NOT PUT WEIGHTS AWAY EARLY.  There will be five minutes at the end of class to allow time for clean up.  Please leave your equipment if you need to leave early.  

*You MAY wear shoes in this class if you prefer.  Please do not wear street shoes. 

What to bring

“This was a great workout!! The heat makes it more challenging. You can use as heavy or light of weights, but that heat will get you a good workout! Thanks again!” – Katie C.

“EXACTLY what I needed to warm my body up on a very cold day. Working out sets my day up for success and this was the perfect way to start on a Friday. Mindfulness, cardio, weights. Absolutely perfect!” – Julie M.