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Belly Dance

Whether new to fusion belly dance or a seasoned practitioner, our fundamentals give us a strong basic foundation we can build on.

In class, you will receive: 

+Exercises for strength and flexibility targeting the specific muscles used in fusion Bellydance. 

+Drills for fast and slow twitch muscle movement, improving muscle memory, coordination, and mind-body connection. 

+A thorough breakdown of the movements that define Sanne’s stylization with influences from 8 elements: Dancecraft, Flow Arts, Yoga, and Indian Temple Dance. 

+Basic vocabulary that will help you follow along in class and dance in sync with other belly dancers.

Complete beginner? No worries! We will start from the very basics and progress as we go.

Sanne aims to provide a safe container where you feel free to be your authentic self and allow each class to bring you more connection, liberation, and awareness in your body, mind, and spirit. Let’s dance!

What to bring

“I’m in love with this studio! The space is phenomenal, so welcoming and amazing details. The community is lovely. Teachers are competent. A beautiful place to practice yoga!”
– Krista I.

“Amy and Team are THE best! A definite staple in my healing journey!” – Tina K.