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Ask A TGY Massage Therapist

Have you ever wondered if getting a massage can help strengthen your yoga practice? The answer is yes! 

Let’s explore the synergy between yoga and massage therapy. Both practices offer important wellness benefits, and together, they create a holistic approach to healing. We know many TGY students have questions about how massage therapy can complement your yoga practice and support your overall well-being. So, we’ve reached out to our experienced massage therapists–Angie and Maya–to bring you answers! Plus, we’re committed to keeping this conversation going. if you have any additional questions for our talented massage therapists, send us an email, and we’ll update this post with more expert answers.

Q: How does massage complement consistent yoga/exercise habits?

Angie says, “Massage Therapy helps to relieve pain and dysfunction in muscles and other soft tissues, which allows more freedom of movement. This can greatly improve mobility and range of motion, which helps with any type of physical activity. Consistent massage therapy also helps your body recover more quickly from strenuous exercise!”

Maya says, “Receiving massage is a practice in existing in a parasympathetic state (rest and digest). The more practice, the easier it is to find relaxation in your yoga practice and daily life, which is crucial to mental and physical health. Massage also improves tissue mobility and circulation, making that difficult yoga pose easier to access!”

Angie and Maya both bring an attentive, intentional approach to every massage, supporting your yoga practice and unique wellness goals comprehensively.  

Q: What benefits of massage do your TGY clients speak to most?

Maya says, “My clients love finding an understanding and harmony with their bodies. I strive to educate them about what I’m doing at each step, and share at-home self-care techniques they can use to continue the work we do together on the table.” 

Angie says, “Most of my clients come to me seeking relief from pain, or lack of mobility. Massage therapy helps many of them eliminate pain, and resume their favorite activities.”

Q: What makes being a massage practitioner so rewarding? 

Angie says, “I love having the opportunity to help people. When an individual who has been dealing with pain or soft tissue injuries for years finally gets relief, or regains mobility, I get an amazing sense of accomplishment.”

Maya says, “To be able to offer a safe and calming space for people to heal and unwind feels incredibly sacred. Humans spend a lot of time separate from their bodies, and to gently guide someone back to a mind-body connection and see the difference it can make in their mobility and wellbeing is a TREAT.”

Send Us Your Massage Questions

We hope this Q&A helped you get to know our massage therapists a bit better! TGY is dedicated to supporting your wellness journey in every way possible. Remember, we invite you to contribute your questions! Let us know what you want to know; odds are, someone else wants to know, too. 

Our massage therapists are always here to help you achieve a balanced and rejuvenated state of being. Stay tuned for future updates and continue to explore the transformative power of yoga and massage together. You can get to know our massage therapists or book a massage service here!