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Twisted Restore & Breathe

Snuggle in for the most relaxing class on the schedule. 60 minutes of supporting your body fully enough for it to completely relax. Once the body relaxes, we will work on relaxing the mind without any worry of tension or muscle feedback, just bliss! There will be the added level of relaxation with essential oils custom blended for a evening designed to support you in letting go. Open for all levels and all minds. Learn how to support yourself! Feel free to bring your own yoga mat, blanket, bolster, pillow or blocks. Or use ours. (75 degrees)

What to bring

“I tried this class with Tracy a few weeks ago and last night  attended my third. With a very busy schedule I have a hard time slowing down. Tracy does a wonderful job of setting the stage for rest and restoration. Time to simply BE… and in a welcoming atmosphere with a top notch instructor… I absolutely love it.” – Mary B.