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Kids Yoga

Through games, songs, stories, crafts, and more, children will be taught yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning to help them regulate emotions, focus and connect with themselves, others, and their environment. Your child will benefit from: 

Breathing Instruction to balance energy and learn the relaxation response 

Meditation Practice to explore rest for the brain and awareness of thoughts to start a lifelong practice of peace and power.

Movement Exploration through traditional yoga postures (asanas) and imaginative movement to build a flexible and strong body and self-confidence,

Deep Relaxation gives children access to quiet and calm.

Please arrive early  The class will start promptly at 5:45 pm, so please plan accordingly.  Your child may want to set up and do the Twisted Grit ritual, so allow for time.  A HOT class will be going on, so please keep your voices down.  Some snacks can be enjoyed.  We ask that you donate to Twisted Grit Yoga Foundation if you do enjoy some tasty treats!  

Studio mats will not be available for kids’ use; please bring your own or email us at to arrange for a mat.

What to bring

“What a great opportunity for our littles to experience yoga, and for mommas to get a chance to practice and get our cups filled. Thanks TGY!!” – Sandy A.