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Yoga for Lymphatic System Health

Yoga is more than just exercise or a way to relax. It’s a way to help support our bodies on a day-to-day basis for both healing and good health. It helps us to function better and optimize all the amazing systems of our body!

One such system is our lymphatic system. A network of tissues and organs that help rid our bodies of unwanted materials, this powerhouse system is our body’s unsung hero. It’s essential for our immune function, and if it’s not working optimally, waste and toxins can build up, leading to inflammation and disease. 

One way we can support our lymphatic system is by doing things that promote lymphatic drainage. Unlike our cardjiovascular system, which has the heart as a pump, the lymphatic system relies on our body movement to circulate. That’s where yoga can help!

Yoga, with its dynamic movements, deep breathing, varied poses, and inversions, is a helpful way to stimulate lymphatic flow. Asanas, such as the downward dog or legs up the wall, encourage the lymph to flow back to the heart, facilitating the removal of toxins. Twisting poses, like the seated spinal twist, squeeze organs, and muscles, pushing out stagnant lymphatic fluid. And, of course, breathwork is another powerful tool: the deep, controlled breathing stimulates the lymphatic system while also calming the mind. 

While all of our classes at TGY offer excellent benefits for our lymphatic system and promote drainage, our Rebound classes, including our newer Rebound and Relax class, are a fun and particularly effective way to keep things moving. Rebounding on the trampoline increases lymph flow. This is due to gravity changes enhancing circulation, the quicker and simultaneous opening and closing of lymphatic valves which increases pace of flow, and muscle contractions that also help move lymph fluids along. This means your body can be more efficient at getting rid of waste and toxins and can bring in important nutrients and essential oxygen faster. If you are ready to help your body function at its best, keep doing yoga. Try new classes (and massage, too)  to see what makes your body feel best. Let’s roll out our mats for better health!