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Tween/Teen Yoga

Your child will be taught yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning to help them regulate emotions, focus and connect with themselves, others, and their environment.

Your child will benefit from: 

Breathing Instruction to balance energy and learn the relaxation response 

Meditation Practice to explore rest for the brain and awareness of thoughts to start a lifelong practice of peace and power.

Movement Exploration through traditional yoga postures (asanas) and imaginative movement to build a flexible and strong body and self-confidence,

Deep Relaxation gives children access to quiet and calm.

Studio mats will not be available for kids’ use; please bring your own or email us at to arrange for a mat.

What to bring

“What a great opportunity for our littles to experience yoga, and for mommas to get a chance to practice and get our cups filled. Thanks TGY!!” – Sandy A.