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Meet: The Motivation Membership

I’m too busy. I WANT to do this but there aren’t enough hours in the week! Ugh.

Sound familiar? Yep. It’s a common complaint and one that can be one of the biggest factors in keeping us from reaching goals, prioritizing self-care, and finding time for the people and activities we love.

Busyness can zap your motivation and even become a convenient excuse if you let it. And, that gets you nowhere fast! So, while we can’t provide you with more hours in your day or keep your excuses for not carving out time for yourself and your health at bay, we CAN offer a little boost of external motivation to get your yoga on – our TGY Motivation Membership!

For $60, the TGY Motivation Membership buys you four class passes that expire one month from your date of purchase. You can use your passes for any of our classes from Power Yoga to Meditation. You can purchase a new Motivation Membership when you use up (or lose!) your four passes if you 1)  like the “use it or lose it” motivational boost it provides or 2) still haven’t tried all the classes you want to explore before committing to one of our other memberships. Of course, you can also make us all jump for joy and transition to a full membership once you’ve found a class schedule that suits you.

This is our Light-A-Fire-Under-Your-Butt, We-Want-To-See-You-So-Get-In-Here, Show-Up-For-Yourself, No-Excuses-Just-Come-As-You-Are, Make-The-Time Membership!

It’s our way of helping you find the motivation to take one small step toward making time for  yourself (and our fun, welcoming yoga community, classes and studio) in your busy schedule.

Want to know the great thing about taking small steps? They get you a lot farther toward where you are going than if you are standing still. And, once you start, it’s easier to keep going. Small steps help you to narrow your focus so you can reduce overwhelm and more easily avoid procrastination. They give you a sense of ownership and clarity of purpose. 

Starting is the hardest part, but when you take one step at a time, you give yourself the small wins you need to keep you motivated, make goals more attainable, build self-confidence, and keep your body, mind and spirit feelin’ good. 

So, are you in? You have nothing to lose (except four classes) and so much to gain.

To start your TGY Motivation Membership, click here, email the studio at, or call us at 608-318-1848. We can’t wait to see you!