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Celebrating Imperfections

Are you perfect?

If so, then you are a unicorn. And, that’s amazing. Unicorns are awesome.  If you’re not, though, then you are in good company. No one (at least on Earth) is truly perfect. Perfection means you have reached the pinnacle – there’s nothing higher because you are flawless and faultless.That would be an achievement worth celebrating; however, imperfections are worth celebrating, too! Life is more exciting when we still have things to learn, ways to grow, and new experiences to muddle through. Some of the best things happen in round-about ways.

At TGY, we love to celebrate imperfection because we believe it’s vital to fostering genuine self-acceptance and promoting a healthy perspective on life. Rather than striving for the unattainable ideal of perfection, embracing imperfections allows us to appreciate our uniqueness and value as individuals. That’s not just our opinion, though. Research supports this notion and its many benefits!

Here’s how:

Embracing imperfections …

And, the list of positives doesn’t end there! Celebrating our imperfections doesn’t mean we are complacent or settling for less. In fact, it allows us to be more because, as we love ourselves (flaws and all), we learn to recognize our worth beyond society’s definitions or expectations. When we offer ourselves this self-compassion and acceptance (and extend it outward), we empower ourselves and others to embrace authenticity, resilience, and creativity in all aspects of life and allow our true strength to shine. 

Everyone is welcome and accepted at TGY. We don’t fault you for not being a perfect unicorn. We LOVE the variety and spice each person brings to our community and we prioritize celebrating our members just the way they are for who they are. It’s exciting to see how you all do life and to be part of supporting you on your journeys.

So, let’s be imperfect together! Come on in to TGY and see what we’re all about. You’ll fit right in.